Tenant Audits.  A tenant's audit of its operating costs is as necessary as a landlord's audit of tenant sales. Even as many landlords convert their leases to "fixed CAM", audits remain as important as ever. When are audits indispensable and what can you do when your landlord says "no". Also, what can you do to preserve your audit rights?

Fixed CAM and Bankruptcy
The struggling landlord changes the landscape when it comes to "fixed CAM". What happens now that you've agreed to pay a fixed charge for fixed services, but the landlord can no longer afford to provide the services? Also, where you’re not paying fixed CAM, 10 tips to reduce operating costs.

Latest Developments
New cases on management fees, audits and case law highlights from 2009.

Robert Machson & Associates LLC has been representing retailers ("big box" and small), restaurants, food court tenants, theaters -- ie: everyone that pays rent! -- for nearly 25 years.  Find out more about our services and review and download articles that may save you a small fortune.


Robert A. Machson & Associates, which is responsible for this web site, specializes in leasing, audits and litigation, generally on behalf of national, chain, and independent retailers. Robert Machson is a nationally-recognized expert in shopping center leasing and audits and is published frequently on the subject. If you would like copies of his articles or more information, or simply need help! please send us an email.

Proud Member of the National Retail Tenants Association

Robert Machson is a founder and member of the Board of Directors of the National Retail Tenant's Association (NRTA).  The NRTA's next national conference is September 11-14, 2011 at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes, Orlando, Florida.  Find out how you can join the NRTA and attend this important meeting.

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Finally, an audit firm that combines legal and retail expertise under one roof!


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